The Boulder Colorado World Affairs Discussion Group

Meets Tuesdays at 10 a.m. at the Meadows Library

Important Announcement

In March of 2020 with the CoVid-19 Pandemic spreading causing the cancellation of many events and facilities, the Boulder WADG group wants to using the interactive meeting facility ZOOM to allow interested participants to continue the discussion remotedly.

The information necessary to access the discussion will be provided by Marc Rothkind so contact him for the details.

About the Group
  The Boulder World Affairs Discussion Group is attended by people interested in discussing current events and topics of state, national and international interest. New participants are always welcome!

The Boulder-WADG group meets each Tuesday morning at 10:00 at the Meadows Branch of the Boulder Library located behind the Meadows shopping center at Baseline Road and Foothills Parkway. During the first hour we discuss current events or a topic selected by that week's Both hours are lead by a volunteer and terse eloquence is appreciated.

The Boulder WADG group members include Cristina Aguilera, Jan Baumgartner, Harry Benton, Shirtley Bernstein, Myrna Besley, Gene Bolles, John Bynum, Attilio Catanzano, Stuart Charles, Howard Christensen, Loren Cobb, Reed Cobb, Jack Colburn, John Cowley, Laura Croft, Ronda & Michael Curtis, Raul Daudt, Gail Dohrmann, Gregg Eisenberg , John Etra, Zetta Feder, John Forbes, Ed Fuchs, Bob Gafvert, Joan Graff, Fran Green, Tom Hall , Ben Harrison, Ken Hausfather, Bruce Hudspeth, Trudy Hughes, Sylvia Hultkrans, Jack Herring, Bill Kalafes, Barry Karlin, David Kassoy, Karen Kelley, Marc Landry, George Langer, Andy Lattanzi, Jane Lederle, Rob Luneburg, Doug Macdonald, Bernard Mendonca, Alf Modahl, Wally Molsberry, Roger Moment, Harvey Nichols, Walt Petersen, Marc Rochkind, Phillip Rogers, Bruce Rothenberg, Liz Rowland, Rob Rutherford, Martin Ryder, Al Sadler, Gabriele Sattler, Kathleen Saunders, Bill Schiovitz, Bill Schiver, Randy Schwartz, Paul Silvers, Art Smoot, Steven Steinbach, Joe Stepanek, Kay Stevens, Larry Sutton, Katarina Takahashi, Jeff Wade, David Walden, Laura Lynn Walsh, Neale Ward, Paul Weisskopf, Tony Wells, Susan Cornell Wilkes, Charlie Winn, Jackson Wolfe, Sherrie Wolff, Sherry Woodruff, Sara Yager, Jim Yanus, Sue Young, Art Zirger and Nicole deLorimier. 84 participants.

Here are the general guidelines of the group and here are our running attendance figures.

Books and Articles
  We typically read a book over the course of several weeks, depending on the subject and its length. Once a book is finished we vote on the next book to be read. Typically the person who suggests the book leads the initial discussion. We also will choose to discuss an article in a magazine or web site. In this case we normally only discuss it for one week.

Click here to suggest a book or an article for consideration.

Some books that we have considered in the past are here.

WADG Group Communications

In the beginning of 2017, the group discussed how we communicate online. There was some concern about the volumes of email that began with the new Google Group email list. The proposal was made that there should be two separate "things" for WADG:

An ANNOUNCEMENTS email service
This is a passive system. If you are on the group list, you will receive emails of things of general interest to the group. This is normally a low volume stream of email.

This is an active system. You must intentionally go to this system to read and participate with the other members. Here issues can be bantered back and forth by members without sending information out to everyone. Marc Rochkind has graciously and quickly set up this forum. When you first sign up for this forum you must first register, enter your name and email address. You will be sent an email by the system to confirm your joining the forum and at that time you will select a password. PLEASE remember the password you chose.

Click here for the links to these two services.

Miscellaneous Stuff

At the beginning of each year we make predictions for the upcoming year. Here are our predictions for this year (2020) along with links to earlier years.

Here are some observations about civilization at the end of 2015.

Here are other discussion groups within the Boulder library system.

Here are the results of a quick survey of the attendees about their news sources.

Here are some historical lists of the WADG attendees in 1991, 1997, 2004, 2015, 2016 and 2019.

Some information about the ages of attendees at WADG in 2019.

Here are some suggestions from Mark Rochkind about the dangers of opening email.

And finally, here are some suggestions for addressing problems with your computer.