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Predictions for the Year 2018 -- Made on January 2, 2018

PredictorPrognostication AgreeingResult
Shirley Bernstein Jarrad Kirchner will be indicted 80%
Alf Modahl There will be no war in Korean peninsula 60%
Gene Bowles A head transplant will be attempted 70%
Tom Hall One of women Trump accosted will sue 50%
Nicole deLorimer US will have different president year end 2018 80%
David Walden 2018 will see first cracks in Financial system similar to 2007 50%
Paul Weiskoff The EU will see a radical change 10%
Rob Rutherford North Korea will be in Olympics 70%
Walt Peterson Golden State Warriors will win Basketball championship 3%
Sherri Wolf Trump abstention ??? 90%
Art Zirger The Democrats will regain the house 90%
John Cowley Bitcoin's value will drop by 30% 60%
Charlie Winn Iran will be more optimistic towards the US 1%
Ken Hausfelter Iran will have martial law 90%
Jim Yanus Mueller will indict Trump Jr, Miller and Sam Clovis 50%
Zetta Feder Democrats will be the House but NOT the Senate 40%
George Langer Boulder County will see a mass shooting of more than 4 people 30%
Loren Cobb Science will find convincing evidence of Extraterrial Life 90%
Rob Luneberg The US will drop from 18th on the Social Progress Index to 21st 70%
Attilio Catanzano There will be peace in Isreal 0%
Will The US will NOT be great again 70%
Bill Schiovitz 2018 will see the demise of Republican and Democratic parties into 4 parties 2%
Wally Molesbury Trump will push 'Fire and Fury' against North Korea as a distraction if he really feels threatened 5%
Laurel There will be continued political chaos 99%
Myrna Besley North Korea will participate in the Olympics 80%
Jane Lederle Al Franken on Saturday Night Live will say he is staying in politics in some capacity 20%
Kathleen Saunders The Number of Electric Cars in Colorado will increase by 5% 70%
Gabriele Sattler US isolationism will continue and get worse 80%
Larry Sutton 2018 will be to soon to talk about gun control 90%
Martin Ryder The Minimum wage will increase to $10 10%
Raul Daudt Trump will be impreached 30%
Lynn Segal There will be a 75% increase in women in government but they will be conservatives 1%
Maureen Forbes Assad will still be in power 80%
Stuart Charles North Korea will NOT give up nuclear weapons 90%
Bill Kalafes Fox News audience share will decline 70 %
Bernard Mendonca Senator Collins proposed legislature to stablilize the ACA, with promise from senate leaders, will fail 60%
Joan Graff The number of elected women, now 84, will grow by at least 50% in the house in 2018 85%
Marc Rochkind Colorado will elect a woman as governor 30%
Randy Schwartz Trump will no longer be tweating as president at year end 2018 5%
John Forbes We will be back to 9 planets, not counting Pluto 30%
Andy Lattanzi Ben Carson will resign -- Mission Accomplished 20%
Steve Steinbach There will be an assassination attempt on Trump 6%
Art SmootThere will be LESS than 42 football bowl games at year-end 2018 (36 in 2012) 50%

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