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Predictions for the Year 2017 -- Made on January 5, 2017

Rob Luneburg The First head transplant will fail 10%
Joan Graff Jeff Sessions will not be approved for Attorney General 50%
Charlie Winn Putin and Trump will be photographed barechested on a horseride 15%
Kathleen Saunders The global population growth will decrease by 1% 30 %
Nicole de Lorimer At year end 2017 the US population will be over 340 million 15%
Sara Yager Trump and the GOP will disagree many times 1%
Dr. Bill Trump will not be president at yearend 2017 50%
Ken Hausfelder The GOP attempt to privatize social security will fail 0%
John Cowley There will be more people involved in street protests than ever before 0 %
Sue Young There will be a major increase in US military actions outsie the US 5 %
Randy Schwartz Brexit will NOT happen 5%
Mike Mass migration resulting from climate change will increase 10%
Myrna Estate/Inheritance taxs will be repealed 15%
Bill Cook Cell phone checking by group members will increase (8 people now) 1%
Atillio Catanzano There will be peace between Israel and Palestine 95%
Bill Kalafus There will be one or more major scandals in the federal government 1%
Larry Sutton Trump will not come up with any job-killing regulations to eliminate 20%
Phillip Rogers There will be a major sotck market crash, losing 20% by October 10%
Raul Daudt Trump will be impeached 40%
Stuart Charles Netanyahu will be out of office by year end 25%
David Walden The North Korea 'issue' will be resolved, led by the Chinese 20%
Marc Rothkind The US Speaker of the House will resign 50%
Bernard Mendonca Trump will build NO wall, have NO ACA replacement, NO significant tax reform 60%
Art Smoot The dam north of Mosul in Iraq will collapse with catastrophic results 5%
Andy Latannzi One of Trump's cabinet officers will resign 1 %
Zetta Feder The news media will be more responsible and do more fact checking 70%
Alf Modahl Rex Tillerson will not be confirmed for Secretary of State 50%
Tom Hall US Treasury debt issues will be lengthened to 30 years 25%
John Bynum Religion in public affairs will increase 3%
Paul Silvers A congression caucus will form similar to the Whig party in 1840's 1%
Ariella Hartshorn Trump will be 'droned' 25%
Laurel The democrats and republican will come together 50%
Mike Mrs. Trump will go back to Slovenia 50%
Shirley Bernstein Impeachment proceeding will begin based on financial conflict of interest and he will NOT be impeached 50%
Gail Dohrmann Obama will make a recess appointment of Garland 95%
Sherri Wolfe There will be military action in North Korea 80%
Larry Winston Trump will resign before being impeached 70%
Karen Kelley Trump will continue to do personal foreign investments 1%
Jeff Wade Trump will fire Gen. Mattis and/or Gen. Flynn ?%
Jim Yanus The Unemployment rate will increase from 4.7% to 6.5% ?%
Bob Gafvert Trump's 1st Lady will be seen going to a planned parenthood office ?%

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