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Predictions for the Year 2006 -- >Made on January 3, 2006

PredictionPrognosticatorNumber Dissent
Hillary Clinton will appear as a major presidential contender for 2008. Isabel Lee and Bob Gallawa RIGHT! Along with Obama
Nothing historically significant will happen in 2006 Ben Harrison ??? History will have to decide
The iRepublicans will increase their majority. Keith Heslip WRONG
The Democrats will win control of both the US House of Representatives and the Senate John Price RIGHT!
Bush's approval rating will stay below 55% Bernard Mendonca RIGHT!
Gold will hit $560. Paul Weisskopf RIGHT! Year end $630
Financial Meltdown: The Dow Jones will drop 20% John Cowley WRONG! Low 10700, Hi 12060
Scandal: Congress and staff will be involved in Abramoff situation.. Sherri Wolff RIGHT!
There will be an increased interest in wireless media centers. Art Smoot WRONG!
The price of a barrel of oil will hit $80 during 2007. Bob Goddard WRONG! but Close. 2006 High was $78
The Consumer Price Index will go above 7% John Rushton WRONG! Highest was 3.3%
There will be real campaign finance reform Fred Sage WRONG!
Sharon's party will govern from the center right and unilaterally announce a Palestinian state. Paul Silvers WRONG!
The US Economy will be in 'Big DooDoo' Fred Sage WRONG??

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