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Predictions for the Year 2007 -- Made on January 2, 2007

PredictionPrognosticatorNumber DissentingResult
There will be a terrorist attack in 2007 resulting in more the 3000 deaths John Rushton13 WRONG
War in Iraq will continue, with a surge so that at some point in 2007 there will be 165,000 US troops in Iraq Isabel Lee 2 GOLD STAR
The Winner
There will 100,000 or less troops in Iraq in year end 2007 Ben Harrison 1 STAR
The US House of Representatives will vote for a bill of impeachment of George W Bush by year-end 2007

Editor's Note. In a "Rashamon" situation, the prognosticator has indicated that what he predicted is not what he said. The humble editor has his notes indicating the above is what he thought he heard being said. Where is the truth? Anyway, this prediction will now be "I forecast that a committee of the House would hold hearings on the possibility of drawing up a bill of impeachment. "

John Price 6 WRONG
Congress will vote on increasing the US military, but defeat an attempt to reinstate the draft. Bernard Mendonca 6 WRONG
There will be a financial crisis defined as the dollar dropping by 10% against the Euro. Paul Weisskopf 1 STAR
The Dow Jones will drop by 10% at some point in 2007. John Cowley 0 STAR
A presiding leader of a "significant" country will be assassinated Art Smoot 4 1/2 STAR
Butto was not "PRESIDING"
The price of a barrel of oil will hit $80 during 2007. Bob Goddard 0 STAR
$100 is better
There will be "zero" change in solving the Iranian nuclear issue. Ken Davies 0 1/2 STAR
There will be continued evidence of man-made global warning. Bob Burdick 0 STAR
The image of god will move more towards a "technological" one. Marion Gately 3 No decision
There will be civil war in Lebanon Paul Silvers 1 WRONG

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