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Predictions for the Year 2008 -- Made on January 8, 2008

PredictionPrognosticatorNumber Dissenting
Economic problems: Price of gold will go over $1044 (20% above price on January 8th). Paul Weiskopf 10
The US Dollar will drop 25% against the Euro some time in 2008.
Winning Prediction
Fred Sage 10
The Boulder Daily Camera will go out of business in 2008. John Price9
A Palestinian state will NOT be established in 2008. Ken Davies0
15% of the voters in November will be in the 18-25 age group. Sherri Wolfe8
The democratic party will pick up 4 seats in the senate. Bob Gallawa0
Economic Problems: The NASDAQ will go below 2000 sometime in 2008. Rob Luneburg2
Musharaff will loose control in Pakistan Sybil Campbell5
The dictators in Myanmar will be overthrown. Art Smoot9
The CU football team will win the big 12 North division. Bob Burdick9
Moral issues will become more important. Marion Gately8
Civil war will happen in Lebanon Paul Silvers8
A recession will hit the US and be the worst since Reagan Bernard Mendonca2
There will be a terrorist attack in 2008 in the US resulting in more the 2000 deaths John Rushton11
There will be an assassination attempt on a US political figure. George Narcavage5
There will an obvious Depression (Recession?) in Europe and Japan. Bernie Wieder4

Election Predictions:
Presidential Party 4 predicted a Republican victory
12 predicted a Democratic victory
President All 4 who predicted a Republican victory said it would be McCain.

The 12 who predicted a Democratic victory said it would be:
Obama 8
Edwards 2
Clinton 2

Vice-President Of the 4 who predicted a Republican victory 1 said it would be Gingrich and 3 said they had no clue.

Of the 12 who predicted a Democratic victory:
Edwards 2
No Clue 3
Richardson 3
Clinton 1
Blumberg 1
Nunn 1
Obama 1

Congression Representative 2 said Polis
6 said FitzGerald
Colorado Senator 8 said Udall
4 said Schaefer

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