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Predictions for the Year 2009 -- Made on January 6, 2009

PredictionPrognosticatorNumber DissentingResult
Internet censorship will increase around the world, including the US Art Smoot5 Right
The No Child Left Behind law will be cut and revamped with less accountability Linda Stelzer 6 Wrong
There will be Double Digit inflation in 2009 Bernard Mendonca 9 Wrong
Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities in 2009 Curtis Harris 12 Wrong
The US government will be unable to change Bush's Patriot Act Ina Rifkin0 Right
The New York Giants will win the 2009 Super Bowl Art Rifkin 9 Wrong
The national debt will grow 20% in 2009 Fred Sage 8 Right
The CPI (Cost of Living Index) will increase by at least 8% Ken Davies 0 Wrong
The US Budget Deficit during 2009 will exceed 1 Trillion dollars. Paul Weiskopf 0 Right
There will be a terrorist attack aimed at increasing oil prices. John Cowley 5 Wrong
There will be a "credible" attempt to assassinate president Obama Isabel Lee 7 Wrong
At least 2 major program of Obama's will be rejected. Programs include the economic stimulus, tax cuts, health-care, infrastructure. John Rushton 4 Wrong
The US will sign a new global warming protocol, i.e. "Kyoto II" Ohrah Elron 9 Wrong
Unemployment will continue to rise , exceeding 9% in 2009 Sally Gibson 3 Right
The National Labor Relations Act will be amended to remove the secret ballot in 2009. Jim Remmert 6 Wrong
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict will not be resolved in 2009. Paul Silvers 0 Right
The Republican party will "moderate" and return to more "secular" values. Marion Gately 0 Wrong
There will be continued loss of print media and an increase in internet news. Sherrie Wolfe 0 Right
India will continue to emerge as a world power. Bob Burdick 0 Right
At least one supreme court appointment by Obama will lead to a major political battle. Jim Remmert 7 Right
All 3 major stock market indices, Dow, NASDQ, S&P, will go below their 2008 lows Rob Luneberg 7 Wrong

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