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Predictions for the Year 2010 -- Made on January 5, 2010

PredictionAccuracyPrognosticatorNumber Dissenting
There will be a resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. WRONG Attilio Catanzano All
The makeup of the US House and Senate won't change by 10% WRONG Bernard Mendonca 5
Current unemployment rate (10%) will be higher. WRONG Tony Wells 11
There will be a perceptible decrease in US influence in the world. CORRECT John Rushton 4
There will be no Cap and Trade bill in 2010. CORRECT
Yeida Change 5
The DOW average will be lower than 10500. WRONG Ken Davis 8
There will be shots fired in Iran resulting in more than 1000 deaths. WRONG John Cowley 3
There will be regime change in Iran WRONG Rosemary Cooke 11
There will be a earthquake in Southern California greater than 6.5 on the Richter scale. WRONG Art Smoot 3
There will be American military causualties in Yemen. WRONG Paul Silvers 7
There will be more awareness of global warming and there will be a signed treaty to reach a real conclusion. WRONG Ohrah Elron 14
The current political deadload on significant items will continue with the Republicans going 'NO'. CORRECT Joe Schlotthauer 0
A new 'centrist' political party will emerge. WRONG Marion Gately 17
The idiom for the year 2010 will be 'twenty-ten', not 'two thousand ten'. CORRECT Bob Gallawa ?
US will admit inflation is build into the system. Inflation rate will be 10%. WRONG Jerry Van Sickle 20
The percentage of US citizens who disagree with human caused global warming will increase. Currently 40% CORRECT Jack Herring ?
"We will finally get IT right in 2010" WRONG Bob Burdick ?
Some major newspaper in the US will stop publishing. WRONG Phyllis Kenevan 6
On television George Stephanopoulus "won't last". WRONG Sylvia Hultkrans ?
Joe Lieberman will be censured after the health care vote. WRONG Mikki Greenburg 12
US will not give up inches/pounds for metric. CORRECT Robert Bushnell 0
US will speed up pull out of Afghanistan WRONG Martha Bushnell 20

Election Predictions:
US House 16 predicted a Republican increase
US Senate 9 predicted a Republican increase
Colorado Governor 1 predicted a Republican victory.
17 predicted a Democratic victory.

NOTE: This was done prior to Bill Ritter's announcement to not run again.

Colorado US Senator 1 predicted a Republican victory.
15 predicted a Democratic victory.

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