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Predictions for the Year 2012 -- Made on January 3, 2012

PredictorPrognostication DissentingResult
Tom PattonS&P will end up 12% higher80% ++
Vic StengerFaster-than-light neutrinos will NOT be confirmed 10% +
Phyllis StengerThe Occupy movement will gain strength and influence 30% -
Yeida ChangThe EU will kick the can down the road and continue with problems 1% +
Phillip Rogers There will be rumors of a coup in Pakistan but nothing will happen1% -
Larry SuttonA new Nobel Prize will be givin for Paranormal Activites. 1st prize "Sox Partner" 90% -
Bruce RotherbergTebo will NOT be starting QB by 4th game next year10% +
George Langer2012 election will be rife with fraud through voter suppression and penetrating voting machines 40% -
William HobartNo Major tax increase for the top 1% 0% -
Harry BentonThe Insurance mandate in 'ObamaCare' will be declared unconstitutional by supreme court40% -
Ben HarrisonGreatly increased violence and destruction in Iraq10% -
Janet SlimakDrug companies will be shaken up as consumers see growth in alterative medicines50% -
Larry WinstonFaster-than-light WILL be confirmed90% -
Paul WeisskoffAfter the election there will be the same disfunction in government10% +
Dan EndresThe Mayan apocolypse will NOT occur10% +
Bernard MendoncaThe Insurance mandate in 'ObamaCare' will NOT be declared unconstitutional by supreme court60% ++
Sylvia HultkransUnemployment will decrease to at least 7% by year end60% -
Tony WellsWorld war III will start in the middle east or afghanistan90% -
Ed FuchsGold will go over $2000 per ounce50% -
Attilio CatanzanoPalestinian treaty by Christmas 201280% -
Walter PetersenForeclosures will increase by 10-15%30% -
Art ZirgerThe US will maintain significant military presence in the middle and far east10% ++
Robert Bushnell3 countries will leave the Euro zone but the Euro will survive50% -
Paul Silvers97% of the 2012 predictions will be wrong1% +
Doug MacDonaldAssad in Syria will be out20% -
John RushtonThe Denver Broncos will improve20% +
Nicole de LorimerScientists will find the Higgs boson20% +
Andy LattanziDonald Trump will run as an independent candidate for president90% -
Paul BrownThe Rockies will win more thatn 100 games in 201250% -
Marion GatelyMore workers will wear bike clothing at work full time around the country30% -
Bob GallawaSubstantiated malfeasance in the Obama administration with regard to Solyndra30% -
Art SmootThere will be more than 36 football bowl games at year-end 201210% ++

2012 Election Predictions Democratic
Presidential Election246
Control of Congress723
Control of the US Senate2010
Change on the Supreme Court70% YES30% NO

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