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Predictions for the Year 2013 -- Made on January 3, 2012

Gary Carlson Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl 95% NO
Vic Stenger Signs of primitive life on Mars will be discovered 60% NO
Phyllis Stenger There will be no advance in gun control at the federal level 30% YES
John Forbes Assad will NOT be out of power in Syria                   The Winner of the Lollypop! 90% YES
Yeida Chang There will be major immigration reform in 2013 5% NO
Laura Walsh The Greenland Ice Shelf will have a major fall off 50% YES
Bruce Rothenberg The US will be 'back on the cliff' with little resolved 1% YES
John Cowley There will be 'hot conflict' between China and Japan over islands 60% NO
Art Zirger Unemployment will stay about 7.5% 15% NO
Roger Moment There will be improved relations between North and South Korea 10% NO
Larry Winston2 major snowstorms in Denver with greater than 12" 0% NO
Ken Hausfather The debt limit will be raised after a showdown 30% YES
Marion Gately Bikers will wear more work-compatible clothes 15% NO
Ed Fuchs Packers will beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl 80% NO
Paul WeiskoppHegel(Defense) and Braun(CIA) will be approved by senate 0% YES
Larry Sutton Lance Armstrong will admit to using enhancement drugs 5% YES
Dick Miller Broncos will win the super bowl 15% NO
Bernard Mendonca The US Supreme Court will overturn the Defense of Marriage act 5% YES
Bruce Hudspeth There will be NO 'hot conflict between China/Japan 40% YES
Zetta Feder There will be no significant progress on global warming 10% YES
Rae Weitz Science will discover life on places other than earth 95% NO
Jane Lederle There will be 2 changes on the US supreme court 40% NO
Nicole deLorimer 2 states will pass 'Death with Dignity' acts 30% NO
Dan Andres eReader sales will drop by 10% in favor of 'pads' 10% NO
Tony Wells At least 2 more states will legalize marijuana 60% NO
George Langer Barney Frank will be temporarily appointed the senator for Mass. 10% NO
John Woodruff There will be an editorial tipping point supporting global warming 40% NO
Rob Rutheerford There will be a doubling in use of online education 15% NO
Walt Petersen The San Francisco 49ers will be in the super bowl 70% NO
Attilio Catanzo There will be a comprehensive Palestinia piece accord 90% NO
Paul Silvers The 'Dream Act' will be passed 10% NO
Doug McDonald Iran will NOT reach 20% enrichment, crossing red line 10% YES
Robert Bushnell No country will stop using the EURO in the European union 2% YES
John Rushton Hilary Clinton's vascular problems will continue 70% NO
Ray Tuitman The S&P will increase by 8% 10% NO
Andy Lattanzi Obama will abandon attempts to reduce Medicaid/Medicare/SS 70% NO
Art Smoot Bruce Benson will not be CU president by the end of 2013 3% NO

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