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Predictions for the Year 2014 -- Made on January 7, 2014

John Rushton XCEL will pull a grandstand play with Boulder 0% NO
John Forbes Assad will still be in control in Syria 5% YES
Vic Stenger Nuclear power will see a resurgence 30% NO
Phyllis Stenger John Kerry will move towards a presidential run 80% NO
Alf Modahl Obama will delay the 2014 election,for s substantial period, perhaps until 2016, using "international crisis" as rationale. 99% NO
Phillip Rogers There will be another storm related event like Katrina or Sandy 2% NO
Larry Sutton Football will be known as Football and Soccer as Soccer around the world 99% YES
Nicole deLorimer Boulder/Denver will have 20 days that reach or are above 100 degrees 60% NO
Larry Winston Iran will break its agreement on restarting nuclear enrichment 15% NO
Laura Walsh The political parties will spend more than %5 Billion on 2014 elections 15% NO
Ben Harrison The deal with Iran will change after the existing 6 month plan is over 5% NO
Jane Lederle Obama will approve the Keystone pipeline 20% NO
Phil Shipley Hilary Clinton will NOT declare for a presidential run in 2014 5% YES
Bruce Rothenberg Ruth Ginzberg will be under pressure to resign and during the summer Harry Reid will be forced to use the Nuclear Option 5% YES
Rob Luneberg There will be at least one attack on the homeland by some outside force 20% NO
Gordon Zellner The US will come to an accord with Snowden with him serving no time in prison 40% NO
Marion Gately Bike clothes wiil become more work acceptable 1% NO
Rae Weitz There will never be peace in the middle east 5% YES
Dick Miller Athletes from Colorado will be at least 3 gold medals at the winter olympics 10% NO
Attillio Catanzano There will be a compromise peace agreement in the middle east 98% NO
Walt Petersen The San Francisco baseball Giants will be the National League champs                   The Winner of the Lollypop! 15% YES
Art Zirger The US PISA scores for 2014 will not increase 1% NO
Tony Wells The Russian birth rate will become greated than the US Birthrate 15% NO
Ed Fuchs Scotland will NOT leave the UK 5% YES
Werner Neuman Venezuela will see a 20% decrease in its currency value 0% YES
Gabrielle Sattler The mid-term elections will swing to a major of Democrats in the house 70% NO
John Cowley The Dow-Jones average will have a 12% drop/correction during 2014 15% NO
Harry Benton Obama will choose Hawaii for the location of his presidential library 50% NO
Rob Rutherford There will be a major terrorist attack in Socci during the olympics 50% NO
Gilberto Gonzales The western states drought will continue and we will do nothing about it 5% YES
George Langer There will be a political assassination in the US 50% NO
Paul Silvers Jordan will be the next focus for Al Queda 60% NO
Bernard Mendonca Obama's approval rating will rise to 50% in 2014 90% NO
Andy Lattanzi 2 republican congressmen in Colorado will be defeated 0% NO
Bob Gallawa The US House of Representatives will remain republican, the US Senate will remain democratic 0% NO
Art Smoot Fidel Castro will die during 2014 5% NO
The Colorado Governor's race:

5% think a Republican will win NO
95% think a Democratic will win YES

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