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Predictions for the Year 2015 -- Made on January 6, 2015

Bernard MendoncaSupreme Court will uphold Obamacare
WINNER: Best right answer with most opposed
George LangerAssad will die in 20150%WRONG
Joan GraffJeb Bush will declare for presidency in 2 month. Rubio will not run.40%WRONG
Raul DaubtProblems in Brazil. President will be impeached.60%WRONG
Roger MomentTHere will be a major terrorist attack in the EU30%RIGHT
Jane LederleSherrod Brown from Ohio will declare for president1%WRONG
Larry SuttonObama will 'raise' Pluto's status back to a planet70%WRONG
John Cowley EU Zone will collapse30%WRONG
Dick GatesThe Emerging Markets measure (EWO) will out preform the Dow20%WRONG
Bill ShiovitzEbola will disappear as a media threat10%WRONG
Ken HausfatherThere will be a comprehensive agreement on tax reform in the US20%WRONG
Dick MillerThe XL Pipeline will proceed20%WRONG
Bill KalafusOil will go above $75 in 6 months70%WRONG
Steve SteinbachISIS will invade Afghanistan30%RIGHT
Doug MacDonaldElizabeth Warren will announce for president70%WRONG
Harry BentonTexas oil will bottom out below $4060%RIGHT
Nicole DeLorimerThe Dow will reach 19500 during 201560%WRONG
Joe StepanechPutin will be forced into power sharing in 201520%WRONG
Paul WeiskopfVenezuela will implode and cause a change in government10%WRONG
Ben Harrison US GDP growth will be more than 4% 40%WRONG
Hyong ChungThe 2 Koreas will make tangible progression towards unification80%WRONG
Art ZirgerThe TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) will be approved1%RIGHT
Attilio CatanzanoThere will be a compromise peace agreement in the middle east 99%WRONG
Ed FuchsUkraine will apply for NATO membership but not be accepted5%WRONG
Rusty CannonOil WTI (West Texas Intermediate) wil hit $28/gallon60%WRONG
Neale Ward Google will not break ground in Boulder in 201550%WRONG
Tony WellsBureau of Labor statistics will show 96 million out of the labor force15%RIGHT
Walt PedersonElizabeth Warren will NOT declare for president30%RIGHT
Rob RutherfordCU Buffaloes will have a winning season and go to a bowl game50%WRONG
Werner NeumanHorizontal drilling in fracking will expand5%WRONG
Zetta FederThere will be a cyber attack on a utility20%WRONG
Jeff WadeKalid Sheik Mohammed will be convicted in a US District Court10%WRONG
Bruce HudspethThe US economy will NOT hit 4% growth in GDP60%RIGHT
John Bynum3D printers will drop to $5001%RIGHT
Andy LattanziHilary Clinton will announce she is NOT running for president50%WRONG
Gordon ZellnerPatriots will beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl80%WRONG
Art SmootCU will have a new president50%WRONG
John ForbesGas at Costco in Superior will be below $2.00/gallon at end of 2015
WINNER: Best right answer with most opposed
John Rushton Kim Jung Un will be gone90%WRONG
Bob WoodruffScience will detect and confirm extra-terrestrial life990%WRONG

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