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Predictions for the Year 2016 -- Made on January 5, 2016

PredictorPrognosticationRIGHT or
Jeff Wade Saudi Arabia will announce that it will give women the right to drive WRONG 15 %
Walter Peterson Golden State Warriors will be in NBA Finals WRONG 5%
Zetta Feder There will be a cyber attack on utilities in US WRONG 50%
Gabriele Sattler EU will NOT fall apart RIGHT 10%
Paul Weiskopf The Shengen agreement will disappear by year end WRONG 90%
Anna Ginsberg Putin will be held accountable for crimes WRONG 95%
Paul Silvers There will be a Trump-lead 3rd party MAYBE? 40%
Nicole de Lorimer US will left trade embargo with Cuba RIGHT 10%
Tony Wells Open borders in Europe will stop, One country will collapse WRONG 20%
Ken Hausfelter The Democrats will retake the Senate WRONG 5%
Charlie Winn There will congressional legislative reform of Obamacare WRONG 90%
Joe Stepanek There will be a media claim of a designer baby born using CRISPR WRONG 70%
Kathleen Saunders Global temperatures will rise by 1 degree Fahrenheit RIGHT 50%
Bob Woodruff Islamaphobia will greatly disappear in the US WRONG 50%
David Walden The Washington Redskins will change their name WRONG 70%
Marc Rothkind Joint heavy bombing in Syria will start (US + Russia) RIGHT 20%
Roger Moment An American will win 1 Alpine skiing title at the World Cup WRONG 2%
Jim Yanus No Republican will win a majority, yielding a brokered convention WRONG 20%
Rob Lunberg Assad will be out in Syria WRONG 20%
George Langer At least one sitting governor will be recalled WRONG 70%
Wilson Gilett Both parties (+Trump) will have a woman VP WRONG 80%
Gail Dorhmann Before Obama leaves at least 15 Guantanamo prisoners will be released RIGHT 1%
Herb Held Giants will win World Series WRONG 50%
Dr. Bill Unscheduled Israeli election will oust Netanyahu WRONG 15%
Sarah The US will accept less than 10,000 Syrian refugees RIGHT 5%
Sue Some gun control legislation will pass congress WRONG 95%
Jane Lederle The Democrats will have Sherrod Brown as VP WRONG 70%
Ed Fuchs There will be an attack at the summer Olympics WRONG 10%
Randy Schwartz At least one country will begin proceedings to leave EU RIGHT 2%
Margaret Gillette There will be many destructive floods in Californai in the spring RIGHT 1%
Sherri Wolf Rahm Emmanual will be out in Chicago WRONG 50%
Joan Graff The congress will not pass any additional gun control legislation RIGHT 5%
Alf Modahl The democrats, Obama and Hillary will delay the elections WRONG 5%
Phillip Rogers Boko Haram will advance WRONG 1%
Larry Sutton Obama will issue executive order to eliminate silly school mascot names WRONG 80%
Raul Daudt The Brazilian president will be impeached RIGHT 40%
Bob Gafvert Hickenlooper will be on the short list for VP WRONG 50%
Bill Kalafas Ryan's beard signals the end of the Arafat look WRONG 80%
Lynn Segal Israel will withdraw to 1958 borders WRONG 99%
Bernard Mendonca 3 more states will approve recreational marijuana RIGHT 1%
John Forbes Assad will remain in power in Syria
The Winner: Correct Prediction with MOST Opposition
Art Smoot There will be violent attack on a presidential candidate WRONG 50%
Andy Lattanzi After the Democratic convention a Supreme Court justice will retire WRONG 50%
Larry Winston There will Not be a move to restrict immigration WRONG 3%
Karen Kelley There will be an increase in states with open gun carry laws RIGHT 1%
Rob Rutherford There will be an economic meltdown: banks, real estate, etcWRONG ??%
Bruce Rotherberg The Democratic party will continue to implodeRIGHT ??%

90% say that the Democrats will win. Hillary (70%), Bernie (20%) and other (10%)

Who will be the Republican candidate?

The Senate will go Democratic: 50%

There will be a contested presidential campaign like 2000: 90%

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