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Predictions for the Year 2019 -- Made on January 8, 2019

PredictorPrognostication Agreeing
Andy Lattanzi Hickenlooper will run for US Senate and NOT US President 20%
Bernard Mendonca Pence wil not run for Vice President in 2020 20%
Shirley Bernstein With all the exciting drugs coming, the Feds will get involved in lowering prices 20%
Randy Schwartz Mick Malvaney will announce he is running for president 20%
Jon Etra CO2 readings in Hawaii at least 415 THE WINNING PREDICTION 20%
Liz Rowland The Supreme Court will vote to curtail or reform partisan gerrymandering (Rucheo/N.C.) 20%
Kathleen Saunders Colorado's recycling rate will increase to at least 14% in 2019 20%
Marc Rochkind No member of the Trump family will be indicted by Mueller 20%
Howard Christensen The National Public Vote will pass the Colorado Senate and Assembly and become law in Colorado 20%
Paul Weisskopft The government shutdwon will last at least 90 days 20%
David Walden AOC will become the media 'go to' authority for all things Democratic 20%
Marc Landry Renewables will be widely accepted as the cheapest form of electricity 20%
Tom Hall Trump will have a mental breakdown 20%
Bill Kalafus There will be a SECOND Brexit vote 20%
Raul Daudt Trump will NOT end the Mandate 20%
Stuart Charles Bemjamin Netanyahu will no longer be premiere of Israel 20%
John Cowley There will be physical conflict between US and China, e.g ship/aircraft collision, shots fired 20%
Jane Lederle Sharrod Brown will run for President 20%
Bill Shiries Hickenlooper will not announce for president but will announce run for the Senate 20%
Walt Petersen Golden State Warriors wil be NBA champions 20%
Rich Rirthought Trump will be indicted but not convicted by the Senate 20%
Wally Molsberry Trump will get a new war started to distract attention when he is threatened 20%
Myrna Besley The polls will indicate that Beto O'rourke will be in the top 4 contenders for next president 20%
Joan Graff Great Britain will NOT exit from the European Union in 2019 20%
Larry Sutton Art Smoot will attend a CU football game and claim it was as much fun as listing to old dead guy music 20%
Jim Yanus Trump will not be president on December 31, 2019 20%
Sherri Wolff Trump will resign to ensure he will be pardoned 20%
Trudy Hughes Trump will be limited in some way by impeachment/indictment or senate delivering veto-proof opposition 20%
Alf Modahl Tesla Motors will go into bankruptcy 20%
Jeff Wade The US will engage with military hostilities again the Democrate Republic of China 20%
Nicole deLorimier The Dow will end 2019 at less than 25000 20%
Ken Hausfather US Troop deployment in Syria will not decrease, i.e. no troop reduction in Syria 20%
Barry Karlin There will be at least 10,261 Trump TWEETS by the end of 2019 20%
Attilio Catanzana Kusher will succeed in working with Israel to achieve a comprehensive peace in Palestine 20%
Gregg Eisenberg The Colorado senate and house, with the Governor will make things tougher for fracking in Colorado 20%
Loren Cobb Great Britain will vote to remain in the European Union 20%
George Langer Trump will be gone by 12/31/19 20%
Rob Rutherford Trump will be impeached by the House but NOT convicted by the Senate 20%
Joe Stepanek New lithium batteries will be announced allow wind and solar to supply 100% of electrical energy 20%
Art Smoot There will not be a (YOU NAME THE COMPANY) Marijuana Bowl game at year end 2019 20%

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