The Boulder Colorado World Affairs Discussion Group

Meets Tuesdays at 10 a.m. at the Meadows Library

Age Information about WADG Participants in April 2019

During one of the WADG sessions in April, 2019, the group celebrated the 80th birthday of one of the members with cookies. Other discussions about birthdays and ages resulted in the suggestion that we sample the ages of the members. As a result, we have the following information:

Number of partipants who provided their age:   42 members
Number of attendees that day:   51 members
Average age of participants:   77.4 years
Percentage of attendess under 60:   2%
Percentage of attendess between 60 and 70:   9%
Percentage of attendess between 70 and 80:   52%
Percentage of attendess between 80 and 90:   36%
Percentage of attendess over 90:   2%