Predictions for the Year 2020 -- Made on January 7, 2020

Predictor Prognostication
1) Jackson Wolfe Trump will lose the 2020 election /in dramatic fashion
2) George Langer There will be an assassiniation attempt within 3 months against a major US official
3) Mary George Cory Gardner will not be re-elected
4) Nicole deLorimer Global population will be 8 billion or more by the end of 2020
5) Attilio Catanzano Peace in our time in the middle east under Kushner's efforts
6) Joe Stepanek A rev new battery will be on the market
7) Paul Weisskopf US will be at war with Iran
8) Bruce Hudspeth "Schrödinger's Cat" is alive
9) Andy Lattanzi Nolan Arenado will be traded by the Colorado Rockies
10) Shirley Bernstein We will see a dramatic increase in automated warfare for targeted killing to procect live of our military - over 500
11) Randy Schwartz European automobile production will decline by at le/ast 15% leading to social and economic consequences especially in Germany
12) Jim Yanus The GDP in 2020 will increase by 1.8% or less
13) Moji Agha The year 2020 will end at 11:59.59 on December 31, 2020
14) Larry Sutton Pluto will be reinstated as a planet. Neil DeGrass Tyson, for his role in the Pluto downgrade, will be transfered to the Paul Broste Rock Museum in Parschall North Dakota where he will serve as the assistant to the associate rock curator.
15) Philip Rogers Victoria Falls will dry up completely. Drought in Zambia and Zimbabwe will cause mass migrations
16) Kathleen Saunders Voyager I will receive signals indicating intelligent life now that it's left our galaxy
17) Sherrie Wolff Unfortunately I see the continue growth of militant opposition resulting in violence after the election regardless of the winner
18) Zetta Feder The stock market will crash
19) Willa Pendergrast A Democrat will win the presidency and Trump will refuse to step down "The election was rigged"
20) Joan Graff Chief Justice Roberts will vote with the liberals on the court in a few crucial cases in 2020.
21) Jeff Wade Putin will resolve the US:Iran conflict and be hailed as a peacemaker
22) Jan Baumgardner Much as we'd like him gone, Trump will probably say on after impeachment
23) Liz Rowland Much more gun control legislation will be passed in the US and European elections will start to trend to the left and center
24) Bill Schiovitz Mitch McConnel is going to die this year ... killed by thunder bolt from above.
25) Myrna Besley Greta Thunberg will be murdered. If not, she'll be awarded a Nobel Prize
26) Howard Christensen During a deadlocked Democratic convention, a brokered convention will choose Nancy Pelosi who will run against Trump and beat him!
27) Martin Ryder Trump and his base will not accept the election results
28) Bernard Mendonca Trump will be Nixon2 - He will get re-elected then all his criminality will come out and he will leave office -- Ooops! This for 2021. For 2020 -- A recession this year - stocks will fall 20%
29) Rob Lunberg University of Colorado Buff football team will not only play in a Bowl game- but at some point in the football season will be ranked in the top 25.
30) Fran Greene Trump will declare victory regardless of the vote count.
31) Jon Etra The Dow Jones Industrial Average will close at 23,000 or below on 11/2/2020
32) Mark Rochkind Maduro will not be president of Venezuela
33) Tom Hall The CIA will stop use of non-official cover spys and revert to "Dead Drops" & "brush passers" due to the digital tracing, facial recognition software & biometric data harvesting
34) Ken Hausfather Netanuyahu will not remain prime minister
34) Bill Kalafus A recession will begin with Manhattan real estate
35) Art Smoot There will an unnecessary death caused by a county sheriff not enforcing the red flag law